Multiple-stage Direct Marketing Campaigns

Multiple-stage direct marketing campaigns attempt to gain additional attention through several consecutive advertising letters that build up on each other, sent to the same addressees within a short period of time.

Of course, this strategy leads first and foremost to a multiplication of the costs for the whole advertising campaign. A three-stage direct marketing campaign, for example, costs almost three times as much as a normal, one-stage advertising campaign. Therefore, multiple-stage direct marketing campaigns only make sense under certain conditions:

  • The addressees for the advertising campaign must have a special relationship with the advertised company, or be of special interest to them.
  • It must be possible to achieve a significant sales volume with the addressees of the advertising campaign. Ideally, the sales volume should be recurring or be bound to long-term contracts.
  • The advertised product itself should already be of special interest. This could be, for example, the long-anticipated opening date of a new location, or a new production facility with special possibilities.

As a rule, however, one can save oneself the costs of such multiple-stage direct marketing campaigns. If you were not able to sell with the first advertising letter, you will not be able to sell with the second or third letters either.

Author: Thomas Hainke