Duplicate Addresses in Excel

Excel is comfortable for entering and editing addresses. In doing so, however, it is next to impossible to avoid generating duplicate addresses. This is especially true if the addresses come from different sources.

Seeing as it is so difficult to avoid multiple entries in address lists, they should be checked for duplicate addresses and cleaned every now and then. Many of the solutions that are proposed to solve this problem or that are integrated in Excel and other programs only offer a partial solution to this problem. This is because, as you can read in the article 'Addresses and Duplicates', duplicate addresses can vary immensely. Only specialised tools that include an error-tolerant (fuzzy) deduplication can provide a satisfactory solution to this problem, such as DataQualityTools and DeduplicationWizard, available at www.DataQualityApps.com. You can read about how to use the DeduplicationWizard to search for duplicate addresses within a table in the article 'Deduplication with the DeduplicationWizard'. You can learn how to use the DataQualityTools to search for duplicate addresses between two tables in the article 'Processing black lists with DataQualityTools'. And in the article 'Scheduled deduplication with the BatchDeduplicator', you can read about how the search for duplicate addresses can be automated.

Author: Thomas Hainke