Direct Marketing for Everyday Commodities

Everyday commodities can be sold to customers repeatedly at regular intervals. If you manage to pinpoint these intervals, then you can approach your customers with a direct marketing campaign exactly at the time when they actually need the advertised product.

There are different possibilities to determine the perfect time for a direct marketing campaign for your regular customers:

  • When the product in question requires a replacement delivery at regular intervals, such as with toothbrushes, or when updates are released with it, such as with a telephone-CD, then you should try to sell these per subscription. This way, additional direct marketing campaigns for this product become superfluous, at least for the subscribers.
  • If the time for a replacement delivery depends on the customer's behaviour, then of course you could go and do your own trials to determine how long it normally takes to use up a certain product, such as shampoo. Since such an estimate does not take the individual customer into account, the determined time for the replacement delivery could be wrong in some cases. It is then possible that the customer ran out of shampoo a long time ago, and if you are unlucky, they have already bought the shampoo somewhere else out of convenience.
  • For this reason, the intervals between the sales letters should be kept very short with new customers, so that even with intensive use in a large household, it will not be there too late. If the customer has already ordered several times, you can easily calculate how long you think the last delivery will last, based on the size of previous orders and the intervals between the individual orders. If you send them a sales letter at the determined time with a small buying incentive, such as free shipping, then you have a good chance to make a business transaction, since there is a great probability that the customer actually needs the advertised product at this time.

Author: Thomas Hainke