Where can I get Addresses for my Database Marketing Campaign?

The success of a database marketing campaign depends primarily on the addresses used. But where can you get suitable addresses for your database marketing campaign?

Most importantly, the addresses for a database marketing campaign have to be in line with the advertised product. Before you start looking for addresses for your direct marketing campaign, you should start by thinking about who would be a potential prospect or buyer for the advertised product. After all, it does not make much sense to send advertising for women’s fashion to a man, or for office furniture to the private persons. If you know your target group, then you can start looking for suitable addresses.

The following sources come into consideration:

  • Your own customers’ addresses: If nothing else, your own customers’ addresses are the most important source of addresses for database marketing, because you know more about their purchase history than anybody else’s. In the process, you should at least differentiate between active customers and former customers: You should care for active customers to increase their long-term loyalty, and try to win back former customers. Furthermore, you could differentiate between very good, good and less good customers and address them specifically.
  • Addresses from prospects obtained in the most various ways: you still generally know more about prospects than about people and companies that you never contacted before. For this reason, these addresses are just as valuable as those of your own customers are.
  • Telephone CDs and telephone books: Telephone CDs are worth considering as a source of addresses especially for advertising geared towards companies. Even if the addresses on the telephone CD are not already sorted according to sectors, company addresses can often be sorted into particular sectors based on the company name. And telephone books are usually very up-to-date. It is recommended to carefully read the terms of license, to be sure that the addresses can be used for their intended purpose.
  • Address CDs and DVDs: These are typically much cheaper than addresses rented or bought from an address broker. The advantage of such CDs is that you can experiment with the selection criteria, at least when the number of addresses that can be exported is not restricted. The quality of such address CDs can only be judged in some cases.
  • Address brokers / list brokers: Addresses from address brokers can either be bought or rented for a particular advertisement mailing. Of course, it is cheaper to rent addresses than to purchase them. To make sure that the company renting the addresses actually only uses them for the stipulated one single mailing, the address broker generally inserts a couple of seed addresses into the list, which help him to verify that the contract conditions are respected. You can read more about seed addresses in the article 'Seed addresses'. Since you can usually only have a look at the rented or purchased addresses from the address broker after you have already paid for them, you do not have much influence on the selection criteria. You can often only remove individual addresses from the address list once you have already rented or bought the addresses. Accordingly, it is also often difficult to compare the list with the addresses to be purchased with the addresses of your own customers, a company-internal black list or addresses from previous database marketing campaigns. To avoid paying for addresses that you already own or that you do not want to use again, you should get in touch with an address broker. Ideally, with an address broker, you can choose among many more selection criteria as with address CDs or telephone books. You can seldom judge if the addresses offered by an address broker are better than those from other sources. The number of sales letters that could not be delivered and the number of recipients who do not wish to receive any more advertising are both good indications of the quality of the addresses. Often, address brokers offer reimbursement for those addresses that could not be delivered.
  • Inserts in product deliveries from other companies: The customers from other companies are also a good source of addresses for database marketing campaigns. However, no company will ever willingly hand over their own customer file. Therefore, it could be advantageous to try to make an arrangement with a particular company to be able to insert your own advertising in their product deliveries. This could be a mutually beneficial agreement, if both companies insert advertising for the other’s products in their own product deliveries. A fee for each inserted sales letter is also conceivable, similar to postage with the postal service, or a percentage of the sales generated by this advertising. A special voucher or action code used to identify the database marketing campaign helps to attribute not only commissionable sales.

If the company addresses do not provide a concrete contact person, you can supplement the missing contact person with by writing the department or the function of the company employee most likely to be interested in the product, for example 'Marketing department' or 'Marketing director'.

When you have selected the addresses for a direct marketing campaign, then you have to still remove all duplicates and synchronize them with other address lists, such as your own customers, a company-internal black list or addresses from a previous advertising campaign. You can read more about duplicates in the article 'Duplicates and Addresses'. You can read about how to use the DeduplicationWizard to search for duplicates within a table in the article 'Deduplication with the DeduplicationWizard'. You can read about how to use the DataQualityTools to search for duplicates between two tables in the article 'Processing black lists with DataQualityTools'. And in the article 'Scheduled deduplication with the BatchDeduplicator', you can read about how deduplication can be automated.

Author: Thomas Hainke