The AIDA(S) Formula

Advertising should be effective. The selection of the addresses plays a decisive role in the effectiveness of a direct marketing campaign, since those who do not drive a motorcycle will not be interested in buying a new motorcycle. Furthermore, the advertising mail should also be designed to be as effective as possible.

The AIDA formula, which was already drafted by Elmo Lewis in 1898, provides several tips for this purpose:

  1. Attention: The first goal is to attract the customer’s attention, that is, to actually pay attention to the advertisement.
  2. Interest: After that, you want to arouse their interest. The customer should look at the advertising and sales message in detail.
  3. Desire: In doing so, and with the help of accompanying promotional measures such as special discounts or free gifts, the customer’s desire for the product should be awakened.
  4. Action: Finally, if possible, the customer should then purchase the product. In order to ensure the success of this last phase, the actual purchasing of the product should be as easy for the customer as possible. Purchase order forms that are already printed with the most important information, such as the customer’s address, are a good method.
  5. Satisfaction: This fifth step should also be included in the classic AIDA formula. Since only a satisfied customer will turn into a regular customer aan will recommend the product and/or the advertised company.

Author: Thomas Hainke